The Vivai Claudio Colla Company produces more than 3 millions of grapevines of the varieties of wine grapes and table grapes widespread all over Italy and all over the world.

The most part of the materials for the moltiplication, both rootstock and buds, are produced in our company, so they are directly controlled by our production manager. Our company directly manages 25 hectares of Wine's Mother Plants, 15 hectares of Rootstock's Mother Plants and 35 hectares of Nursery.

Furthermore, we are co-founders of Ampelos, a consortium of Italian grapevine nurserymen founded in 1999 with the objective of select new clones of the varieties widespread all over Italy. To date we have already select more than fifty new clones and we are still working on the clonal selection and on the genetic and sanitary improvement of the different varieties.

We sell our grapevines in many of European countries, like Austria, Bulgaria, Croazia, France, Greece, Germany, Hungary, Kosovo, Romania, Slovenia e Spain.